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Epicurean Institute is located in picturesque Perugia, Italy, which is the regional capital within the Province of Umbria.
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Press Release

AgriTurismo Experience in Spring 2010

at the Epicurean Institute in Perugia, Italy

Perugia, Italy, Jan 4, 2010 – The Epicurean Institute in Perugia, Italy, is now accepting registration for the AgriTurismo Experience in April 2010. This unique, ten day program enables food and wine enthusiasts to participate in an interactive, educational culinary experience at a vintage villa on the beautiful hills of Umbria.

About the Epicurean Institute

The Epicurean Institute is located in Perugia, Italy, the regional capital of the province of Umbria, considered the heart of Italy, and known for its picturesque landscapes, vineyards, olive oil, truffles, and most notably, the chocolates produced at the Perugina Chocolate Factory. The Epicurean Institute supports research and educational projects devoted to promoting the pursuits of pleasure in food, wine, and comfort.

In the Spring of 2009, the Institute began offering interactive educational experiences customized to serve both professionals as well as enthusiasts of wine and the culinary arts from diverse cultures and various levels of interest. Highly regarded industry leaders work closely with students to ensure an unparalleled educational experience.

The Institute has attracted applicants and students from around the world including the United States, Italy, Dubai, other parts of the Middle East, India, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, other parts of Asia and Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries around the world.

About the AgriTurismo Experience

The word “Agriturismo’ combines the Italian words for "agriculture" and "tourism" to define a style of vacation that was codified into Italian law in 1985. An Agriturismo vacation allows for an experience beyond regular tourism wherein the participants interact in activities that enable a first-hand experience of the countryside, particularly that of the wine making regions.

The Epicurean Institute’s 10-day AgriTurismo Experience allows participants to share a memorable interactive experience, living, learning and relaxing together at the Institute’s villa, located on the outskirts of Perugia, collaborating with local chefs to create meals while gaining practical experience in wine pairing for tasting and judgment. Experienced professors including a leading Sommelier assist participants in acquiring pertinent skills to appreciate the complexities of wine, from how the grapes are harvested, to how wine brings out the flavors or different foods.

The program includes accommodations in a beautiful countryside villa together with seminars on wine and wine tastings, classes in food and wine pairings, and chef demonstrations. Students are given hands-on experience in shopping at the local markets and creating dinners. The program includes visits to Perugia for shopping as well as tours of the famous Perugina Chocolate Factory and the world-renowned Deruta Ceramics Factory. Also included are visits to nearby St. Francis Assisi and Lake Trasimeno, as well as Truffle hunting, excursions to vineyards and wine cellars, and meetings with Master Wine Makers and Master Chefs.

The cost of this program, minus airfare and meals is $4,900 per person. All major credit cards are accepted.

In addition to the AgriTurismo course, the Institute also offers a 13 week Sommelier program accredited by Associazione Italiana Sommelier (AIS)-Umbria, the largest Sommelier association in the world. AIS was founded in 1965 and officially recognized by the Italian government in 1973. Courses in culinary arts, pastry chef and hospitality are being planned as well at the Epicurean Institute.

According to Mr. Divij Lamba, a recent graduate of the Sommelier program at Epicurean who is also a graduate of Cornell University, New York, “The sommelier program gives a great comprehensive perspective into the world of wine. Right from exhaustive wine tasting sessions in intimate settings with highly knowledgeable instructors to multiple visits to breathtaking vineyards all over the region, the course paints the entire gamut of the wine world in interactive and greatly enjoyable brush strokes. I would greatly recommend this program to anyone with a professional or hobby interest in wine.”

Over the years, the American founders of the Epicurean Institute intend to make it a leading, boutique culinary and wine institute in the world that trains the world’s finest Sommelier’s, culinary and hospitality professionals and enthusiasts. For more information and reservations for Epicurean Institute’s Agriturismo program commencing in April, 2010, please call 1-888-983-3948 in the US, or visit the website,

“Combine your Italian Vacation with a Culinary Education” 888.983.3948